Recent Projects

Langley Kitchen

Here’s an example of how a kitchen can look amazing just by refacing the old cabinets.Notice how bright and spacious the kitchen now looks. The tiled back splash and stainless steel dishwasher give it an extra elegant appeal.

If you look close enough, we also added two drawers in the middle cabinets, below the opening in the kitchen, where there were two doors previously. Resurface today!

Burnaby Kitchen

An example of a cabinet refacing job we did for a kitchen in Burnaby. Notice how bright the new kitchen is!With some perfectly positioned lighting and a change in the color and design of your cabinets, you can create a warmer environment for your kitchen.

Also notice the add-on’s, the two open shelves on the ends of the cabinets, and the clear glass doors next to the shelves create more detail. Resurface your cabinets and safe money.

Small Kitchen

This was one of those small kitchens in downtown Vancouver. The doors are Marseille and the color is Wenge.If you notice in the before and after pictures, we enclosed the microwave area after re-sizing the bottom shelf of the microwave unit so that the doors would come down and fit tightly.

You’ll also notice that we tightened up the drawer faces so that they would meet better and there was very little space between them.  Also what is not in the picture is the other half of the kitchen and the small bathroom.

Coquitlam Kitchen

This was a kitchen with very limited room to expand, with a growing family that needs more cabinet space.  We had no room in which to add more cabinets, so we added to the top of the cabinets by building on and extending the doors to the ceiling. Then to add a little more detail we added some molding to create layers.

The home owner agreed to keep in in white because darker colors in small spaces can sometimes feel closed in.

North Vancouver Upgrade

We refaced the kitchen with the Lancaster door and in the color of Matt white. We got rid of the wood trim for a more consistent look.  We also put a number of panels on the base ends, one panel is by the drawer area and two upper panels on both sides of the window. These old face frame style cabinets look best with panels on the ends of cabinets.